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Building a dialogue between History and Iconography, to reveal a snapshot of it in his works, is at the heart of Gabriel's artistic approach. By making historic news reports and prominent icons respond to each other in a mirroring set up, he works towards a modernized resurrection of iconic images of the past inviting the public to question how our contemporary icons are constructed.

A curious and insatiable explorer, Gabriel looks to daily life for textures, tints and techniques for his paintings. He weaves original archives into his work, with some documents dating back to the 17th century to understand the subtleties and fragilities of these historical documents that have weathered centuries. Faithful to the Pop principle challenging the uniqueness of art, Gabriel creates each unpublished archival composition to form part of a series of works.

An aesthete by education, but a self-taught artist, Gabriel was inspired in his youth by his encounter with the Dadaist spirit, from Picabia to Man Ray. Impressed by the photographs of Weegee and Yousuf Karsh, and the work of Jasper Johnes, he sees in the writings of Rainer Maria Rilke, and his creative injunction, the alpha of his artistic practice.


After a nomadic youth between Spain, Italy, France, Middle East and Malaysia, Gabriel has been in Singapore for 12 years.


2001 - A Word between earth and sky, photo exhibition, Paris-La Defense

​2004 - Hype Gallery, Palais de Tokyo, Paris

2005 - Final round of Rome III Photo Contest

2006 - Chinese Diaries, Beijing

2007 - One Worlds series

2009 - Vintage Empire, Photo series, Malacca

2008 - The world in 75 Recipes book illustration, with Guy Martin (two Michelin Stars, Le Grand Vefour)

2010 - Launch of  Argia Collection

2011 - Urban Insanity photo exibition under the patronage of Credit Suisse, Lausanne

2013 - MBA at INSEAD

2013 - Find a Word for It painting work & Serigraphy

2014 - Art Auctions for UNITED NATION WOMEN gala diner

2014 -  Singapore Art Scene presentation by Deutsche Bank Private Banking & Lucanna Art

2014 - The Singapore Affordable Art Fair With Artemis Contemporary Art

2015 - Art Auction for “Swing for the Kids” presented by Lucanna Auction House, Bintan - Indonesia

2015 - The Singapore Yacht Show Art viewing, Singapore

2015 - Video reportage on Find A Word For It by BBC International

2017 - Singapore Affordable Art Fair with Artemis Contemporary

2018 - Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair with Evart Gallery

2019 - Singapore Affordable Art Fair

2019 - Paris - Galerie Sarto, expo Collectif 1 (Amel, Kostar, Gabriel Dufourcq)

2020 - Singapore Miaja Gallery, expo Iconoclast (Jisbar, Kosta,De Campos, Forget, Dufourcq)

2020 - New York Metropolitan Art Fair 

2021 - Intercontinental Hotel Singapore - Residency and Creative workshops


ARTICLE THE PEAK Singapore Hong Kong  Gabiel Dufourcq in the Hot Seat talking about art market, instagram as the 2.0 new art market dynamic
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